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Owlstown Newsletter #18: Secure Sites

Owlstown Newsletter #18: Secure Sites
By Ian from Owlstown • Issue #18 • View online

Hello Owlstowners!
Over the next few days, two things are happening to all Owlstown websites to improve their security.
  1. They will support HTTPS.
  2. They are moving to a new, dedicated domain:
HTTPS support
Your website has HTTPS when you see the lock icon on the browser address bar next to your website URL. HTTPS helps keep the communication between your site and your users secure (Why HTTPS Matters). When you visit your Owlstown website with the http:// prefix, it will be directed to the https:// prefix automatically.
If you have a custom domain for your Owlstown website, I sent you a separate email with details on how to setup HTTPS for your custom domain.
New Owlstown website domain:
If your website was previously served from a <subdomain> domain, all traffic will be redirected to the new <subdomain> location.
This move helps security by:
Brittany Trinh: Designing STEM websites
Brittany Trinh helps scientists create websites easily, so they can share their science confidently. She created the 4D Method as a framework for her web design process: Discover, Draft, Design, and Display. Check out these resources she created:
In her own words:
Brittany is a chemist and web designer. She helps scientists build their online presence with modern and professional web design so that they can start sharing their work with confidence. You can visit her website for more resources or connect with her on Twitter and Instagram. Website: brittanytrinh.comTwitter:
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Ian from Owlstown

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