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Owlstown Newsletter #30: Summertime

Owlstown Newsletter #30: Summertime
By Ian from Owlstown • Issue #30 • View online

Hello Owlstowners!
In grad school, I spent all of my summers in Pittsburgh. It was hot and humid, but I have fond memories of 4th of July fireworks, the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge, sunsets at Schenley Park, and fireflies.
I spent part of those summers working on my academic website. I learned new web technologies, designed new layouts, upgraded servers, and added content. It was time consuming, but I learned a lot which I’m now applying into the development of Owlstown.
With Owlstown, your academic work is shared in a nice website without fiddling with a server or learning a new web framework. This means you save time, so you can spend your summers (and beyond) in bigger and better ways. Spend your time with friends and family, apply for grants, and do more research.
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Code blocks allow you to add source code to your pages.
You can set the page thumbnail separate from the primary picture. This gives you better control of pictures on your page.
Last month, there were several Twitter threads about the value of academic websites. The threads had plenty of examples of how websites are useful in one’s academic career. How has your academic website been valuable to you?
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Ian from Owlstown

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